There are three organisational levels, the global level, the national level, and the local level (the clinic).
The global level consists of the members of the EUROCRINE council appointed by national associations and ESES.

  • Is responsible for the economy of the registry (not for profit) and development of the database
  • Access and analysis of aggregate data on the European level
  •  Annual report for the registry
  • Decides about data extraction for research on the aggregate level
  • European research

Each clinic is connected to a national association or directly to ESES.

-  National Board
-  Decides national variables
-  Appoints representativeson the Eurocrine board
-  Extraction of national data
-  Annual report
-  Advise regarding extraction of data for reserach




Each clinic has full access to its own data


-  Full access to own data
-  Easy data extraction (Excel)
-  Create local variables
-  My Eurocrine
-  Further analytical tools