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About Eurocrine

Eurocrine is an international endocrine surgical quality registry based in the EU, with the aim to decrease morbidity and mortality in endocrine tumours. The database has a special focus on rare tumours.

Eurocrine was initially funded as a project within the Health Programme of the European Union 2013. As of 2018, Eurocrine is registered as a not for profit organisation organized and duly registered under the laws of Austria for societies. The owner of the platform is Region Skåne, the County Council of Scania Region in Sweden.


The Eurocrine network consists of partner societies being represented in the council and clinics. If you would like to become a member of Eurocrine, register your interest and we would be pleased to send you detailed information.

Partner societies

Partner societies are national endocrine surgical societies, who are members of the Eurocrine Society and responsible for any specific national set of variables, and national quality control.


The council is responsible for the business of the Eurocrine Society between the annual meetings, including development of the database and research applications.